Lilac Festival – 2012

By: Alicia K

May 26 2012

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Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Every year the City of Rochester hosts the Lilac Festival.  This year we had a stretch of summer temperatures during the spring, so the lilacs bloomed early and we missed most of them.  I did, however, get to see many beautiful sights while there.

Highland Park, home to the festival

Lilacs! Had we gone to the park a couple of weeks earlier, we would have seen many more…

Although the festival highlights Rochester’s collection of lilacs, there are many other beautiful flowers in the park to enjoy. 

These blossoms were especially beautiful

Heading back out

6 comments on “Lilac Festival – 2012”

  1. Awesome photographs

  2. Such a shame to have missed most of the lilacs, but then on the other hand, if you’d caught the lilacs, you’d have missed the azaleas and rhododendrons! The park looks beautiful, and I can see you had a lovely time with your camera.

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